Central Texas Pathology Laboratory




Central Texas Pathology Laboratory is a full service Anatomic Pathology Laboratory, providing the following range of services:

Routine Histology

The Histology department accessions, processes, cuts, and stains the slides given to the Pathologist for diagnosis. Surgical specimens received by 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, will be processed that night and assigned to a Pathologist for diagnosis the next working day. Histology also performs special stain slides, requested by the Pathologist to assist in the diagnostic process.


To further enhance the diagnostic process and provide chemotherapy markers, Central Texas Pathology Laboratory also provides a library of over 100 Immunohistochemistry antibodies for specialized staining. Stains ordered by the Pathologist are available the next working day to assist in the final diagnosis of difficult or malignant cases.

Non-GYN Cytology

Central Texas Pathology Laboratory performs non-GYN cytology procedures on all fluids and Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA) specimens. A Cytopathologist is actively involved in several FNA clinics.

GYN Cytology (Pap Smears)

Pap Smears are performed using an automated imaging system, with initial interpretations performed by a certified Cytotechnologist and final diagnosis of abnormal and atypical Pap Smears performed by a Pathologist.

Molecular Pathology

Five Molecular Pathology procedures (GC, CT, HPV, HPV genotyping, & Trichomonas) are performed in support of GYN Cytology diagnostics. GC and CT can also be performed on both male and female urine specimens.